Fostering Futures

FOSTERING FUTURES was founded to provide scholarships and other support to this special population of young people throughout California, former foster youth who have proven themselves scholastically and have demonstrated the motivation and perseverance required to carry them into successful adulthood.

  • More than 60,000 children and youth are in foster care in California.
  • More than 4,500 foster youth emancipate from the California foster system annually.
  • 25-50% of foster youth nationwide become homeless after emancipation, with lack of job skills and opportunities being a major cause.
  • 40% of people living California’s shelters are former foster youth.
  • Less than 3% go to college and 51% are unemployed.

Education is the key to the successful emancipation of foster youth!

Did you know that when foster youth reach 18 years of age, they "age out" of the foster care system? This means that for those who wish to continue their education, funding must be sought through grants and scholarships to supplement wages earned by the students themselves, most of whom work 20 to 30 hours a week in addition to their studies. FOSTERING FUTURES recognizes that, without the benefit of a strong family support system, these young people seeking further education face daunting challenges.

Fostering Futures changes lives forever and helps our scholarship recipients become productive members of the community.

Senator John Burton Partners With Fostering Futures

John Burton was in public service for more than 40 years, not only in the U.S. Congress, but also the California State Assembly and the California State Senate. Always a champion of the under-served, after his retirement in 1983 Senator Burton continued his advocacy and in 2004 founded the John Burton Foundation for Children Without Homes.

The John Burton Foundation has worked to improve outcomes for California’s children and youth in foster care and had a key role in increasing funding of the Transitional Housing Placement Plus program to provide much-needed housing for emancipated foster youth. The John Burton Foundation has used Senator Burton’s vast experience and relationship-building to advocate for and assist foster youth.

Fostering Futures is proud to have Senator Burton as a partner who shares our goals in support of emancipated foster youth and we thank him for his generosity and financial support in furtherance of our mission.

San Francisco 49ers Alex Smith Partners with Fostering Futures

Alex Smith shown with Fostering Futures scholarship recipient Aaron, Princeton Class of 2006.

Alex Smith shown with Fostering Futures scholarship recipient Aaron, Princeton Class of 2006.

“Fostering Futures is a successful non-profit with passionate and effective leadership and I am very proud to be partnering with them. We have a common vision and goal, to support foster youth in transition.”
Alex Smith

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